Nourish your body with seasonally inspired meals


I am a Midwesterner at heart with a passion for creating wholesome and creative seasonally inspired meals.  After attending Oregon Culinary School in Portland, Oregon, I traveled a great deal, from San Francisco all the way to Fiji.  During this time, I worked as a baker for Cavallo Point, custom cake maker, personal chef, consulting pastry chef, and caterer.  Currently,  I am a personal chef, caterer, and underground cake maker in Brooklyn and New York City.

My point of view is greatly influenced by Modern Farmhouse cooking with an artisanal focus.  The food I love is inspired by the changes to nature throughout the seasons.  My menus have the ability to adapt to any dietary need, including gluten free/dairy free, which is one of my specialties.  The ingredients are responsibly sourced using the local farmer's markets whenever possible.

In my kitchen, one can always find mason jars of nutmilks, probiotic cultures, jams, and my prized sourdough starter, which I feed daily.  I brew my own beer, crush apples for cider, churn butter, and dry my own herbs, all from this tiny apartment in South Prospect Park, Brooklyn.